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Java 4K Programming Contest

Contest Prizes
Contest Rules
Basic rules are as follows:
  • The final game package (byte code + resources) must be below or equal to 4096 bytes

  • Must be a playable game (cannot be a pointless animation)

  • Must be pure Java (no JNI)

  • Must be self-contained- no external resources (e.g. loading an image from a website)

  • No Pack200

  • No external libraries may be used - you must use the libraries that come with the "public" version of the JRE

  • No soundbanks may be used because they are not a default part of the "public" JRE. You will have to create your sounds at runtime rather than use MIDIs.

  • The presentation (jar, class, or other) does not matter, as long as the code can be executed without a command line

  • The target JRE is 1.5 (Java 5) or lower

Some extra notes about Java Webstart:
  • Webstarted games' code size will be determined with the JAR that Webstart uses to launch the game

  • Splash screens and icons for Webstart will not be counted against you since they are not part of the JAR

  • If your JAR is below 4K until you sign it, you cannot use it unless you provide an unsigned JAR as another option for launching the game that is auto-executable and under 4K.

Specific questions and comments can be made at the official Java 4K forum.
Now that you're done reading the fine print, go create the best 4K game we've ever seen.