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Submit a Game
Please fill out the form below to submit your game.

Games submitted are referred to via an URL. Java Unlimited provides a minimal hosting service for those who don't have a webserver to host their games. Please see the FTP hosting page for more information.

Fields marked with * are required.

* Author's Name:
Although this field is optional, it is highly recommended that you complete it in case you forget your game's password. Your e-mail will be used only for the purpose of password retrieval, it will never be sold to spam lists.
* Game Title:
* Password:
Max password length is 10 characters, numbers and letters only. This password ensures that only you can change information about your game.
Game Homepage:
Game homepages aren't just good for site plugs, but they are also a good place to put the story, full controls, screenshots, and other information dedicated to your game.
Screenshots are resized to 100x100. To avoid image distortion, it's recommended you link to screenshots of that size. If possible, please link to only PNG or GIF images.
* Contest: No contest [showcase only]
* Java Version
The minimum Java version needed to run your game.
* Game Description:
Please keep the language clean. Abusive and profane terms will result in a denial of your submission. If your game uses an archive file (JAR, ZIP, etc.), please include instructions for starting the game.
* Archive URL:
This field is not required if you specify a Webstart URL. Use this field if your game requires an archive download (JAR, ZIP, etc.). Use this to deploy applets by zipping the all of applet's resources into one file!
* Webstart URL:
This field is not required if you specify an archive URL. It is highly recommended you provide a Webstart link because of the ease of execution. You should only leave this field blank if it is absolutely impossible to enable your game to use Webstart.