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Java Rally Racer 4k

Contest: 4K 2006
Java Version: 1.4
Downloads: 5312

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Game Description:

Java Rally Racer 4k

By Nicholas Klaebe


To achieve the highest level as possible by finishing in first place in each race while competing against dogged AI opponents who are controlled by non-patent pending “Smart Alec” artificial intelligence Technology ^_^;


Drive on three different surface types: tarmac, gravel and dirt. Each effecting the driving characteristics of your car.

- purely procedural and generated graphics
- unique gameplay each time. (random track generation)
- capable AI controlled opponents (they do not cheat!)
- all direction scrolling
- skid marks ;)


You must complete the track in order, an indicator line will direct you back to the correct track segment. (cutting corners can be very detrimental :P )

With each race won the difficulty increases with longer, more bendy tracks with increasingly varied road surfaces and more opponents.

Driving fast on all but the tarmac road surface reduces your ability to steer. Steering on grass at high speeds is almost impossible!

Your current level is indicated by the number of little black squares on the top of the view screen.

Tip: use collisions with your opponents to help you get around tight corners at speed.


Up Arrow – accelerate
Left Arrow – rotate left
Right Arrow – rotate right
Space bar – brake hard / start the current race
Control key – brake normally

Source code can be found at http://unlimited.woogley.net/hosted/moogie/source.html

Submitted by: Nicholas Klaebe on 2006-02-28

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